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Installation steps for emedge on Linux

Linux - one liner installation

CV=mycv.cloud-vista.co SERVICE=1 sh -c "$(curl -skL https://download.netgain-systems.com/emedge/install.sh)"
  • CV=mycv.cloud-vista.co specifies the domain hostname of CloudVista instance that this emedge should forward data to
  • SERVICE=1 specifies to automatically install emedge as a system service
  • If you do not wish to install as a system service, set to SERVICE=0

Installation steps for emedge on Mac OS X

Manual installation (Linux or Apple OSX)

Installation steps for emedge as a Docker container

Containerized version of the emedge. The official Docker image and setup instructions is available on Docker Hub.

Supported environments

emedge can run on Linux or Mac OS.

  • For Linux, recommended OS distribution is Centos or Ubuntu
  • Recommended specs:
    • Minimum: CPU: Intel i3-equivalent or above, 1GB RAM, 5GB disk space
    • Ideal: CPU: Intel i5-equivalent or above, minimum 4GB RAM, 50GB disk space

Additional notes

  • All logs will be saved into emedge.log in the installation directory
  • To stop emedge, simply run emedge stop
  • To set the JVM maximum heap memory, use emedge setmem command e.g. emedge setmem 2g (need to restart service)
  • Run emedge -h for help on more commands