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NetGain Systems is the cloud data and analytics platform for data normalization, processing, visualization and report generation. It integrates and sends alerts to trouble-ticketing systems, and collaboration and messaging systems.

When you sign up for an account, a unique and dedicated NetGain Systems instance is created for you.

Emedge is deployed within the enterprise network either on-prem, public or private cloud, or in a hybrid infrastructure. Emedge is a thin software that collects IT infrastructure data. Such data includes device metrics, logs, and traces, from on-prem, cloud and hybrid infrastructure. Emedge forwards the data via an encrypted link to NetGain Systems.

Emedge uses open protocols to collect data from all IT systems. Common protocols include SNMP, JDBC, Elastic Beats and others.

With NetGain Systems and emedge working together, the user has a full observability to their infrastructure, whether it is on-prem, in the cloud, or hybrid.