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Network Configuration Management (NCM) is a broad term for the organization and management of a computer network. All types of networks, including local area networks, wireless networks and virtual networks, need some element of maintenance, modification, repair, and general monitoring. NCM involves collecting different information about hardware devices, software programs and other elements of the network in order to support administration and troubleshooting.

NetGain Systems NCM is used primarily to backup and restore the configuration of the network and devices.

  • Automatic backup of the network device configuration (pull config) and restoration of the configuration back to devices (push config), with auto scheduling capability.
  • Allows for bulk operations (not device by device)
  • Lets you compare configuration changes (eg, current versus history (yesterday, last week, etc.).
  • Supports devices from multiple vendors (eg, Cisco, H3C, Huawei, Juniper, etc.)

To access NCM, click on <CMDB> at the Left Navigation Bar, then click on <Network Config> at the Top Navigation Bar.